Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - Winter Sunshine

These cords from Jcrew are so sunny.  I love some yellow and these will definitely elevate the mood.  Truthfully, this Wednesday morning I am sitting in my second-day sweat pants home with a sick kiddo.  But I may just be inspired to go shower and put on my sunny pants! Hope you are too.
JCrew cords, and blue stone necklace, Old Navy chambray shirt

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  1. Yellow pants and denim is a favorite outfit of mine. I love your look! I hope your kids get better soon!


  2. Blog hopping - love the color of these - such a bright and cheery color for a cold and dreary winter day!

  3. They are so sunny and pretty! I REALLY want to try this new (not so new thing now) colored cords. I keep saying Im goinna just jump in.... I really enjoy your title... what I Didn't do today.... sounds like it sums up a lot of my days. I may "steal" this idea for a blog post!! All the things I didn't do today! It would be endless!