Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines are Red and Pink

Valentines Day is tomorrow.  Hearts and love all around.  I've been working on a cutesy Valentines for the four year old in my life.  He will undoubtedly only appreciate the candy not the work.  When hubs comments why I do this stuff, I always reply "its for me. it makes me happy"  And it does. Here I am doing a Valentines' jig in a Valentine inspired ensemble.  Pink and Red, yes.  And I don't even feel like I should be up on a pony.  Hurray the red jacket is redeemed!  

Red Jacket, H&M; Hot Pink tee and jeans, Gap; Leopard flats via Zappos; Red purse, Target
I will be working on my photo skills I came across a link to "3 tips for great indoor photography" and found many other tips on Pinterest.  Clearly I need to work on my settings.  Point and shoot DSLR camera has its advantages, but you can always improve.  I borrowed this bit from Mum'sBusiness and plan to set to work on some new great photos.

Settings: There are a couple of things you can do in camera for better indoor photos.
  • Set your ISO at a minimum of 400. A simple fix for boosting the amount of light without trading off for too much noise in your image. The better the camera, the more you will be able to push this number higher. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Open your aperture wide – remember the smaller the number the bigger the opening.
  • Watch your shutter speed – anything below 1/60 is going to start to show some camera shake. If you find yourself in this position a lot, invest in a tripod.

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  1. Love your pink and red combo! I just spent a good hour making a valentines for my son so I totally understand! I agree it is for us and I will never stop.