Monday, June 10, 2013

Crafty - Etched Glass Carafe

Recently at a school party, a divine southern mom brought her partyware from home.  I was inspired by her water carafes, which we used for water at each table, adding an elegant touch.  While setting up for the party, another mom said she had received a water carafe etched with their initials as a wedding gift. Crafty lightbulb went off!  I set off to find inexpensive water carafe to practice on - found one at Savers. Deal!
I got my etching supplies at Michaels.  I chose the Martha Stewart line but there were several to choose from and I may try others to see if results vary.  The self adhesive stencils were the best of what they had to offer, but my impression right off was that they were not large enough in scale.  Again, this is my first/test run.
Martha Stewart etching supplies from Michael's craft store
The process is really simple. Clean your glass or ceramic object with soap and water, then swab with alcohol.  Apply adhesive stencil.  Wearing protective gloves, paint on the etching cream evenly and thickly.  Wait 15 minutes, rinse cream off.  Remove stencils.  Done.  

 What I learned from my trial run that will make for a better result next time?  First, bigger stencils.  Second, for a monogram like the one I attempted, I would do the center letter first and alone.  When that is finished, I would apply the two side letters.  Looking at the results, I wanted the letters closer together.  I should also have consulted my friend, E, who owns By Invitation Only. E is a master of fonts and monograms, on the placement of the letters.  I think the smaller letters should be centered vertically to the large center letter. E, would you agree?
My finished product, is not bad considering!  I will definitely use it - can double as a flower vase, how handy!

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