Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trendspin - Neon

TrendSpin Link Up: Neon

Neon is tough for a lady over 40.  Not my favorite trend of the season but I bought in with a couple of things. Pink shorts in previous post, this Forever 21 cardi, and a few bangles from Jcrew.  I do like a challenge and thinking outside the box.  I channeled my friends on the west and east coasts who do get those glorious beach days where you can wear weathered chinos and a light sweater to the beach.  Really doesn't happen in the south or Gulf side.  This is my inner coastal girl and yes, she is sweating as she writes this because the humidity is 89%!

Jcrew chinos cut-off and pink bangle, Forever 21 cardi and mint bangles,  

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Crafty - Etched Glass Carafe

Recently at a school party, a divine southern mom brought her partyware from home.  I was inspired by her water carafes, which we used for water at each table, adding an elegant touch.  While setting up for the party, another mom said she had received a water carafe etched with their initials as a wedding gift. Crafty lightbulb went off!  I set off to find inexpensive water carafe to practice on - found one at Savers. Deal!
I got my etching supplies at Michaels.  I chose the Martha Stewart line but there were several to choose from and I may try others to see if results vary.  The self adhesive stencils were the best of what they had to offer, but my impression right off was that they were not large enough in scale.  Again, this is my first/test run.
Martha Stewart etching supplies from Michael's craft store
The process is really simple. Clean your glass or ceramic object with soap and water, then swab with alcohol.  Apply adhesive stencil.  Wearing protective gloves, paint on the etching cream evenly and thickly.  Wait 15 minutes, rinse cream off.  Remove stencils.  Done.  

 What I learned from my trial run that will make for a better result next time?  First, bigger stencils.  Second, for a monogram like the one I attempted, I would do the center letter first and alone.  When that is finished, I would apply the two side letters.  Looking at the results, I wanted the letters closer together.  I should also have consulted my friend, E, who owns By Invitation Only. E is a master of fonts and monograms, on the placement of the letters.  I think the smaller letters should be centered vertically to the large center letter. E, would you agree?
My finished product, is not bad considering!  I will definitely use it - can double as a flower vase, how handy!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pub Crawl

A VERY rainy Saturday led to an impromptu pub crawl with some girlfriends and later the hubs.  Rainy day equals rain boots.  Since all the water was also making me feel a bit like we might need a boat and a paddle, nautical inspiration also followed.  
Forever 21 skirt and denim, Hunter Boots, Gap shirt (old), Kate Spade purse (love them all)

An Elaine's thrift shop find, Kate Spade purse.  Love some Kate Spade!  Later thought maybe too much stripes in one place, but the red details went so nicely with the boots!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mint Chocolate

Linking up with a new party Trend Spin compliments of Walking in Memphis in High Heels and The Fashion Canvas.  They started the party with a trend and you add your look using it.  This week was mint.  Hmmm. Pondering something new to do with mint, ice cream came to mind. My favorite flavor since my first trip to Baskin Robbins with my grandmother back in the 70s.
So with a little help from my favorite under-10 stylist, my Mint Chocolate Chip summer look.
Steve Madden flats, Old Navy Shorts (old version), Forever 21 mint sweater and bangles

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

DIY - Tiered dessert plate

This is an easy DIY project that can be done to suit your taste and budget.  I wanted a very basic version of the tiered dessert dish.  I found my materials at Target and glue at Ace Hardware.
I bought a large glass dinner plate, a glass candle stick, a smaller glass salad plate and a multi purpose heavy duty glue.  I used this E6000 because our art teacher used it for a variety of projects including ceramic and canvas so I figured it would be versatile.  It was a pretty day so I chose to do this outside.  The package says this glue is smelly and not recommended if you are in a non ventilated area or pregnant.  
I am a fly-by-the-seat of the pants crafter.  I rarely measure things. So here I eyeballed the center, applied a ring of glue to the candle stick, lightly pressed it down to allow the glue to cure, then placed it and shifted slightly to "center".  After it dried some, I used acetone fingernail polish remover to clean up around the edges.
Use the same process to glue the top plate on to the candlestick and clean up any strings or oozed glue.
And the finished product in use for Memorial Day pool party!
This would be fun to play with using thrifted or dollar store finds.  Pretty china plates with a candlestick base or small vase.  Or painting on a plain glass or solid ceramic plate.  The options are endless.  Have fun.
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday-resale vest

Skimming the aisle looking for treasures (as in one mans trash is...), I was taken by a simple white vest. One of those moments when four or five options popped into my head and vest popped into my bag. Price $4. Yup. Sorry for poor pic quality, May had become as busy as December around here.  Blog is on the back burner and I miss her.
My little model/blogger in the making dressing up in mommy's clothes.  

Lastly a bit of Spring time heaven, Sauvignon blanc for me, Watermelon for the kiddos! Poolside. Ahhhh. Have I mentioned I like wine?
Wednesday Party Hop!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thrifty finds

I found these fun Matisse boots on a thrift hunt.  Thrifting is kind of a treasure hunt for clothes horses like me.  You might find something amazing, but most times you just find a whole lot of nada.  Anyway the real leather and the pattern stitched into the sides, plus a $5 price tag qualified these as treasure!

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