Friday, November 30, 2012

Jacket Week

Thought I'd try a theme for outfits this week - JACKETS.  I think a jacket pulls an outfit together in a new fun way.  A jacket says "business" or "bad-#ss"and I like to think I'm a bit of both.
Monday - doctor apptmt for little and movie date
Tuesday - haircut and lunch date
Wednesday - gowns and gals
Thursday - Sip and See for a precious baby
Friday - CARTI Festial of Trees Fashion Show

Stay tuned for next weeks "Mad for Plaid"

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gowns and Gals

When friends call, we answer.  Today the call was for a gown consultation.  Two gal pals have big EVENTS coming up, a dance at the CLUB and a family WEDDING weekend.  Outfits were needed, accessories to be determined, decisions, decisions, decisions.  

This is my friend Piper, showing off her gorgeous new bag after we all said "YES, that's a gorgeous new bag."  Major purchases often require affirmation and approval before we can bask in the glow.
 My friend Mimi, ready to model!
 We checked out a web site called Rent the Runway.  A well run site with an array of designer gowns for rent.  If I ever need black tie on the fly, I will be checking this out.  My friend Mary has used them with success several times.
Rent the Runway
 The party really got started in Mary's room.  Don't you love these pillows?  Mary lives in Arkansas, but her heart is still in Mississippi.
Let the fashion show begin!
 We all loved this dress immediately and just needed to agree on the necklace.  I'll let you be the judge.

 Mary needed a black tie dress for the wedding. Options one and two. And again which would you choose?  So stunning in both.

Mary's cocktail look for the rehearsal dinner.  Again the dress was a no-brainer. We all thought the boots were cool but too casual.  Love, love, love the jewels and shoes for the second option.
And lastly an outfit for the bridesmaid luncheon.  Now these boots work! Work it.  
 I couldn't finish up this post on gowns without a nod to my most favorite gal, my daughter.  Here in her "gown" for cotillion semi-formal night.  She's growing up tooooooo fast.  (sniff, sniff)

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Unfinished Business

Happy to be back at the blog.  Kids went back to school today and I finally have time alone at the computer again.  It has been a super fun week of holiday and birthday; friends and family.  I did continue to work on my photography skills, managing somehow, to capture a pretty good shot of this woodpecker in our backyard.

Taken with NikonD5100 using 55-200mm lense, auto setting at about 10 paces away.
 I began getting ready for, gasp, Christmas, over the weekend.  In preparation for Little's birthday party I decorated up the front door and kitchen window.  I used a little "Pin"spiration and imagination.  This is a work in progress and I will post back with more on the outcome.
Halloween pumpkins begin transformation
Old Valentines day planters transforming as well
Spray paint extravaganza 
 I put up with pride my Santa from last year.  This was created using a project I found on, surprise, Pinterest (here).  Looking back there are probably much easier ways to accomplish this masterpiece, like my old favorite the overhead projector - do they still make those?  But I used mostly freehand work with the help of a grid.
I did mine on canvas not plywood and used silver paint and sharpie marker.
 I've had a lot of outfits I hoped to share but sadly was so rushed on those occasions that I put some "blog" thought into my appearance and didn't get camera shots.  I really don't fancy myself a fashion model at ALL but I think its fun to share what I do with my clothes because I get so much fun out of looking at other peoples choices!
I'm loving the layered blazer look lately.  Gives a plain shirt or sweater a lift.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful for...Beerknurds

Happy Thanksgiving!  As I complete my preparations for Thanksgiving Day feast at my parents, I pause to update blog with some photos from Tuesday nights outing.  Husband and I with my sister and her boyfriend headed to our favorite watering hole, The Flying Saucer.  Do you have one nearby?  Hubs Loves Beer.  And I love Hubs so we are working on our "plate". As a member of the U.F.O. Club when you have had 200 different beers there you can have a personalized plate on the wall.  Cool, huh?!!  And we played in the trivia contest too.  My sister and I are a couple, no three, handfuls apart in age but she is near and dear and so so so beautiful.  I took my new camera to record the event.  I am enjoying the photography part of blogging.  No cool fashion to report today, My outfit photo was sadly blurred in haste to depart.
We ate...the German Plate! 

Hubs says "Am I part of your blog now?" Yup.

See the Cool Plates on the Wall - my name there, 2015 for sure!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Friend Feast

I now look forward to the Monday before Thanksgiving almost as much as the holiday itself.  For one, it starts a week of vacation for the littles.  We are all so much more pleasant on a Monday when there is no early morning rush out the door for school.  There is time for snuggles and legos and blogs and puzzles.  A relaxed feeling envelopes us all.  The second reason for Monday love is my husband's work friend, Susan, who hosts a feast for friends on the Monday before Turkey Day.  Susan is the hostess I strive to be and her generousity of spirit is something I am thankful for each year. Its not about the food, its the love of God and mankind (and dogs) that permeates this event each year.
So my contribution to the feast, simple though it is, was fun for the littles and I to prepare on Monday.
We have made this treat before - I used this link for the step by step.

The finished product with an iced pumpkin loaf.  Susan's new puppy Addison also hosted this year. :)
Here's what I wore to the party.  I am getting a lot of wear out of the 2 new items in this ensemble - python print booties and black stone necklace.
Necklace from Target
Booties from DSW
This outfit was also inspired by a Polyvore board.  This (old) Ann Taylor Loft jacket hasn't seen much wear because it was almost too conservative for me.  With a new perspective from someone else's eye, I got a casual interpretation using pieces from my closet.  
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Back to the Blog

No idea how I got to Sunday so quickly.  I really zoomed through this week.  I had planned to do some fun craft projects and blog about those but it just didn't happen.  There was a 3 hour Harper Valley PTA meeting, preparing mashed potatoes for a 1st grade Thanksgiving Feast. And we hosted a Cotillion party Friday night, so there was getting house, yard and food ready for 20 6th grade girls and their parents.  Finally a girls night out with two old friends. Ahhhhhhhh, big sigh as I settle in for a cozy Sunday evening at home and look ahead to a fun filled Thanksgiving week with family.  

These are some inspirations I found through the week.  I'm redoing the guest bath and I love this artwork for a pop of color with a whimsical image.

This outfit is from a local store and I'm really into the purple or fuschia dress and royal blue shoes.  I found a similar royal blue shoe at Target.  Didn't buy them but still considering it!

Proposals Boutique on Facebook
And speaking of Target shopping, I did purchase this Nate Berkus Turtle shell.  My fabulous decorator, Tanya, kept telling me to get  the West Elm version and I was seriously resisting, but when I saw this one in the perfect green color for the family room I finally said "Yes"! 
Only available in stores
Husband is not so sure.  Overheard him asking kids, "Why is Leonardo coming out of our wall?"  LOL!! (ninja turtle reference)  Here's the shell on my wall.
I only captured one outfit this week.  This was what I wore to take the kiddos out and about on Saturday.  I was feeling pretty beat after Friday's prep and party.  I knew if I stayed in my sweats (which I really wanted to do) we would never leave the house.  So I found this fun print dress and colored tights and suddenly I had the will to GO and DO.  Funny how that works.

Lastly girls night out!  A few of these and all is well with the world!  From a local favorite, SO Restaurant and Bar.

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