Tuesday, February 12, 2013

wheat belly #5

Lest anyone think I've given up and gone back to gluttonous gluten laden ways,  I'm still following the Wheat Belly diet.  The flu almost derailed me.  Being ill does not equal enjoying delicious flaxseed wraps or a nice lettuce and turkey roll-up.  Fortunately having the flu meant not enjoying anything at all so made it out uncontaminated.  But then post-flu recovery left me tired and still with no appetite, so I haven't cooked much to blog about.  Now a week later, I see the light at the end of my loss-of-appetite tunnel.  

I read about this product online somewhere.  I happened upon it at my local Kroger grocery.  Very jazzed because I LOVE peanut butter.  Could live on it, really.  Picked up the plain and the "added chocolate" kind.  I made a whey protein smoothie using 2 tablespoons (one serving ) of PB2 and one scoop protein powder and one cup unsweetened coconut milk.  Calories and protein count for this smoothie = 170 & 22 (7 carbs).  It was good.  Next time I will double up the PB2 for a more peanutty flavor.  Totally worth the extra 45 calories!
The website has lots of yummy sounding recipes using this product plus you can order online.
PB2 from Bell Plantation

Here's another gluten free product I've been giving a "go".  The Miracle noodle has no calories, yup, ZERO for the entire package.  I've used the garlic and herb flavor, the plain angel hair type, and the spaghetti with added tofu (which has 25 calories).  I've mixed with marinara sauce and with basil pesto both with success as far as flavor goes.  The texture takes a little getting used to as it is NOT the same as the al dente noodle I'm accustomed to eating.  Its slightly rubbery and a definitely more slippery, think WELL rinsed pasta texture.  I'm not opposed to eating it, but my family having tried it were not converts.  If restricting calories or avoiding gluten or insulin stimulating foods, this could be for you.  By the way I found it in the refrigerated section at Whole Foods.

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