Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rainy Day Blues and Cows

 I drove my son to his fourth grade class field trip on a rainy day this week.  We visited an interesting event called Pizza Ranch.  Turns out it's an informative lesson on agriculture, farming, and pizza.  I wore the boots because of the rain and was really glad I did when we arrived at the arena-full-of-dirt.  My sandal-wearing, fellow friend-mom cringed and then plowed ahead (snicker, snicker).  First stop of the day a dairy cow milking demonstration.  When Ms. Lilly Cow came into the arena all the moms present winced for her.  Those udders were all too obviously ready to be milked.  Then they brought out the PUMP.  Umm Hmm.  If you've done it then you know what I'm talking about.  That cow-mom breast pump - well, it has four suckers not two but that's about the only difference, I can tell ya.  Ms. Lilly carried on typing email and answering her cell phone...on no, wait she was chewing cud!!  Again similarity painfully obvious!  Big props to Ms. Lilly - she pumps 10 months out of the year, every year.  During her 2 month dry spell she has a baby. The good news she eats and drinks non-stop and never has to worry about her weight!  Thankfully they took us to a building with a real floor to eat the pizza - and it was Domino's!?!
Gap Stripe tee, Old Navy blue jeans, Hunter boots

Ms. Lilly awaits the pump and dump

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