Sunday, May 5, 2013

Giving back and getting dressed

  Giving back. This spring Spouse and I have been able to attend several charity spring fundraisers.  The Anthony School, The Arkansas Children's Hospital, JDRF Arkansas, and the Arkansas Arts Center are the organizations we support.
   I chaired the event for our school for the first time this year.  It was a smaller party for 200 people, but undeniably a lot of love and hard work by parent volunteers made it special.  The amount of love and volunteer hours that go into the larger affairs for these huge charities is amazing.  I have a greater appreciation for the people behind the scenes who don't get paid but put in weeks of work to find a cure, provide treatment for kids, put art in the community and more.
   Getting dressed.  We didn't have any black tie gala's so I had plenty to choose from in my closet which meant minimal shopping.  Did pick up some new shoes and an awesome Manolo Blahnik pair at a resale shop. Score!  Even with the basics in place, getting myself together and getting out the door with four kids to wrangle is soooo much fun, I tell ya!  Makeup ends up on kids, the dog, the floor, clothes scattered, high heels tottered around in by the kids discarded through the house, and husband asking "why is it taking so long"!  Its "what I didn't do" every time!


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  1. Hope the event went well and you a great time. It take guts to chair an event like this, I give you that much!