Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

My first priority this week has been getting the kiddos outfitted for Trick-or-Treating.  The most challenging has been my oldest son's request to be...a mustache. Yup. Oh and a nose hat to go with, please mom.  So after searching online and the various costumes stores to be sure that no such pre-packaged suit existed (far as I can tell it doesn't), I got crafty and thus we have a project here to reveal.

And of course, to get in the creative frame of mind, I first went to my closet and put together an outfit for the day.

My inspiration was this outfit from Pinterest (link).

My outfit (Banana Republic scarf, Garnet Hill sweater, Rich and Skinny jeans, H&M leg warmers).

So back to the costume. 
 Day One. Get the supplies - old carboard boxes, spray paint, and templates.  I wanted to make it three dimensional but decided it was too far outside my skill set (not to mention time!).  Son decided on the top template and a brown spray paint.

Day Two. Again an outfit was needed, well mainly because I had some Partner Card shopping to do and was meeting a girlfriend at the mall.  These two sets from Pinterest were my inpiration.  I do not have either of the leopard pieces so I created my own mash-up.
Black Sweater and Leopard Coat
Blazer and Leopard  My outfit (Still working on photography skills. Why am I feeling my boob??)
 (Banana Republic shirt (similar), Black Forever XXI sweater, 
DSW leopard and black belts, Gap Real Straight jeans, leopard shoes)

Back to the costume, next steps spray paint cardboard brown, sketch moustache and cut out.  Sketch nose and cut out.  Attach velcro straps so he can wear them on his head and body.  And.... The Big Reveal!!


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