Friday, November 2, 2012

Snack Attack

So I didn't wash my hair today.  I really had a long to to list and there was only time for a quick shower and make-up.  I fell back on a favorite product.  Dry shampoo.  I am not ashamed.  Years ago my mom used to put baby powder in her hair on a rushed school morning.  At that tender and egotistical age, I thought it was SO WEIRD.  Now I get it!  And lacking a personal stylist who would blow-dry my hair while I type my blog, I get down with some spray.

Suave Keratin Salon Infusion Dry Shampoo
Available at most drug stores

Then there's the matter of clothes, again not wanting to use up too much time composing an outfit and the small matter of 80 degree weather in November left me with fewer options.  I decided to try the boyfriend jeans and wedge booties look.  I added a striped short sleeve sweater as an alternative to a t-shirt and shot on some accessories and headed to the grocery store.

Gap Sweater - not available online but similar here, Banana Republic belt - old, again a newer version, Target jeans- old, similar here at Gap and booties.  Accessories various.
After my various to-do's and trip the grocery store,  I started on a baking project.  My friend Mimi turned me and my kiddos on to these crack-a-lackin' delicious crescent roll goodies.  Today I made a savory version - turkey or ham with cheese and two sweet versions - peanut butter chocolate chip and caramel apple.  You can find these and other recipes on Pinterest. I'm trying a French dip version next.

Can of crescent rolls, deli meat your choice,  and cheese, your choice.
I used about one and a half slices of meat and an ounce of cheese for each triangle.  Bake at 375 for 10 minutes or til golden brown.
For the sweet version, I used a tablespoon of reduced fat peanut butter, a tablespoon of semi-sweet morsels and brushed with butter then sprinkled with white sugar.  I also did some with one caramel and a honeycrisp peeled apple slice brushed with butter and sugar.  Bake same as savory.
The result a yummy after school Snack Attack!  They all turned out wonderful.  I would probably cut up my caramel next time or soften before baking but the apples were perfect. And all the other ingredients were the right amount of hot and melty!  

The finished product.  Now if I can just not eat them before the kids get home! 

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