Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quick change

Took #1 daughter to the Repertory Theatre to see White Christmas.   Got to wear this fun skirt I found on sale not long ago at, okay yes, Target.  Paired it with a long sleeve tee and a fuzzy angora sweater plus patterned tights and booties.  I like this combo and I like the versatility of the skirt. 

 After the play I had literally 5 minutes to change into my "active mom" clothes.  Kept base tee on but switched sweaters because you never know what will end up on your clothes when #3 and #4 are around!  This sweater is cotton and can be laundered easily.  The crop shows off the color tee and I like the flattering large cowl neck.  Jeans and tennies.  Boom. Mom mode.

 Came home tonight and noticed my kitchen window Christmas decor (first seen here) from the outside for the first time.  Had to share - pretty cool.
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  1. I think you must have a "special" Target in LR. I'm seriously contemplating spending you $ to be my personal Target shopper. You have an amazing eye.

    1. I LOVE Target! Have you seen their Neiman Marcus for Target line?