Monday, December 17, 2012

Tying a Scarf

I've come across many "ways to tie a scarf" pins, links, pictures online and I'm always intrigued.  I usually fall back on my two tried and true ties - infinity and .  I thought it would be an interesting experiment in blog-land to try tying a variety of these.  I only used one scarf to add continuity and test versatility.  This ruled out a couple of ties that required a small thin scarf.  My photographer, #1, and I got tired before we did all 15 from this link so here's the Top 10!  (Rated 1 for easiest/most stylish to 5 most difficult/least stylish) 
Half Bow Scarf. 3 for difficulty, 3 for style.

Fake Knot.  2 for difficulty; 2 for style.

Simple Double Knot.  1 for difficulty; 3 for style. 

Scarf Bow. 1 for difficulty, 5 for style. Grandma!

Braided Scarf. 4 for difficulty, 1 for style.  I'll use this one again.

Simple Slip Knot. 1 for difficulty; 1 for style.

Half-bow Cinch. 5 for difficulty; 2 for style.  

Muffler Scarf. 2 for difficulty; 5 for style. Church lady.

Knotted Loop. 1 for difficulty; 3 for style.   My daughter's, #1, favorite.

Make your own Infinity. 1 for difficulty; 1 for style. So current.
The Infinity tie is not on the how-to link.  To make your own Infinity Scarf, take your long rectangle scarf, ties the very ends together, hang scarf around your neck with knot at the back, twist scarf once and lift loop over head. Adjust to form a circle or tighten and loop again to your taste.

I doubt I would ever wear either of the Rosette ties - as a belt or at the neck.  A definite 5 on style for me.  I feel similarly about the braided scarf.  And a layered knot makes me feel like I have a noose around my neck.  I like the Ascot and Double Loop Wrap - I'll try those later and let you know.
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  1. I am so going to braid Cordelia's scarf for her.