Monday, April 29, 2013

Fitness - Adding 10

Fitness week 2.  My husband was kind enough to text this motivational gem to me today.  

Last week I made it through 3 sessions of toning exercises!  I also got 3 cardio sessions in leaving my feeling that it was a successful fitness week.  Will my scale agree?  Now I'm adding 10 minutes and a second Pinterest find to my toning routine from last week.  This will bring my home exercise session to 20 minutes if done back to back.  This one requires a set of hand weights and optional exercise ball. I'm not going to use the ball this week because I think the routine will be challenging enough without it!
Belly Blast - 10 minute workout 
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  1. Way to go! Love that motivational gem...made me think of last week when I was eating m&m's while on the rowing maching...UG!