Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY - Distressed Cutoff Shorts

A diy (do it yourself for the uninitiated) on distressed jean cutoffs. I've seen on Pinterest and Polyvore many cute looks with these shorts. After searching the stores for a great pair and then stopping myself with that lightbulb moment where you say "i'm going to pay what for what?" I got on the internet and found some helpful how to's on cut-offs and distressing.   There are 100's of links and Youtubes out there so google away if you want more ideas on the topic.  I compiled inspo from several to come up with my DIY. I picked the oldest pair of jeans in my closet (that still fit).  And commenced getting crafty.  

Sharp fabric scissors and a sharpie are basic tools.
Using a pair of shorts you like the length of to determine how long. Most of my shorts alas are in the storage bin! I used these running shorts.  Erring on the side of caution I added an inch to the length.
 Cutting your jeans off on an angle for a more attractive line. 
Fold in half, lining up the top waistband. Cut off the other leg.
Shorter in the front and longer in the back is the way to go.  I achieved this by folding up the cuff on the same angle and marking on the inside from outseam to inseam. Then turned inside out and cut along that line (only across the front edge).
Now the fun part. Distressing.  Draw lines on your shorts with your sharpie where you want to have distressed spots.
Carefully using your scissors, begin to trace the line using light pressure. If your jeans are thick or new this may take some time. Mine were old so it was really quick. It feels a bit like scratching the fabric. 
Just as the line starts to look fuzzy and separate, stop and use your fingers to pull gently apart.

After one washing the shorts looked like this.  I cut off the longer strings which get buggy for me.
And here's how a 40 something Mom O' wears denim shorts in the winter.   
Short enough but not too short? Could I go shorter? Do I dare? 
I will probably add some more distressing to these.  Its a fine line between distressed and slutty. 
I did some distressing on the back pocket too.

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