Monday, January 7, 2013

Hunter Boots

Hello there.  Red Boots. They've been on my wish list for at least two years so when Santa dropped these red Hunter Boots under the tree for me I was oh, so delighted!  They live up to every bit of my expectations.  Comfy, versatile, practical (well, they will be when it rains or snows), and let's not forget STYLISH.  (umph, if you even dared say trendy there, you are so BAD. ;) )  I have been rocking red boots for many decades dating back to a suede, knee-high foldover pair I bought on my first ever trip to Chicago in 1991.  (had a matching purple pair too.)  I'm not afraid to don a bold hat either. Ask my sister-in-law about the red Guess hat she affectionately referred to as a "pimp" hat; circa 2001.  I am so pleased with this gift I deemed it necessary to wear these boots every day last week.  I had hoped to get a little more creative, but so many ideas, so little time.  The wreck, that is my household post-holiday, kept crying out for attention and steering me away from fonder pursuits.  Still it's a start of what I'm sure will be a 2013 love affair with My Red Boots.
Patagonia jacket, Kate Spade ski hat, Gap leggings and sweater
Loft sweater (old), Banana Republic jeans, Old Navy blanket scarf 
Target trench and plaid shirt, Old Navy jeans and sweater
Gap navy sweater, Target shirt
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