Sunday, November 18, 2012

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No idea how I got to Sunday so quickly.  I really zoomed through this week.  I had planned to do some fun craft projects and blog about those but it just didn't happen.  There was a 3 hour Harper Valley PTA meeting, preparing mashed potatoes for a 1st grade Thanksgiving Feast. And we hosted a Cotillion party Friday night, so there was getting house, yard and food ready for 20 6th grade girls and their parents.  Finally a girls night out with two old friends. Ahhhhhhhh, big sigh as I settle in for a cozy Sunday evening at home and look ahead to a fun filled Thanksgiving week with family.  

These are some inspirations I found through the week.  I'm redoing the guest bath and I love this artwork for a pop of color with a whimsical image.

This outfit is from a local store and I'm really into the purple or fuschia dress and royal blue shoes.  I found a similar royal blue shoe at Target.  Didn't buy them but still considering it!

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And speaking of Target shopping, I did purchase this Nate Berkus Turtle shell.  My fabulous decorator, Tanya, kept telling me to get  the West Elm version and I was seriously resisting, but when I saw this one in the perfect green color for the family room I finally said "Yes"! 
Only available in stores
Husband is not so sure.  Overheard him asking kids, "Why is Leonardo coming out of our wall?"  LOL!! (ninja turtle reference)  Here's the shell on my wall.
I only captured one outfit this week.  This was what I wore to take the kiddos out and about on Saturday.  I was feeling pretty beat after Friday's prep and party.  I knew if I stayed in my sweats (which I really wanted to do) we would never leave the house.  So I found this fun print dress and colored tights and suddenly I had the will to GO and DO.  Funny how that works.

Lastly girls night out!  A few of these and all is well with the world!  From a local favorite, SO Restaurant and Bar.

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