Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful for...Beerknurds

Happy Thanksgiving!  As I complete my preparations for Thanksgiving Day feast at my parents, I pause to update blog with some photos from Tuesday nights outing.  Husband and I with my sister and her boyfriend headed to our favorite watering hole, The Flying Saucer.  Do you have one nearby?  Hubs Loves Beer.  And I love Hubs so we are working on our "plate". As a member of the U.F.O. Club when you have had 200 different beers there you can have a personalized plate on the wall.  Cool, huh?!!  And we played in the trivia contest too.  My sister and I are a couple, no three, handfuls apart in age but she is near and dear and so so so beautiful.  I took my new camera to record the event.  I am enjoying the photography part of blogging.  No cool fashion to report today, My outfit photo was sadly blurred in haste to depart.
We ate...the German Plate! 

Hubs says "Am I part of your blog now?" Yup.

See the Cool Plates on the Wall - my name there, 2015 for sure!

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  1. Husbands + blogging is kind of hilarious!! And I agree photography is the best part of blogging!!!