Monday, November 12, 2012

Simple variation on a leopard theme

(Well, I'm still learning the Blog technical side.  Apparently my Polyvore boards post immediately to my blog.  Must fix that.  I intended to post this with the pictures I'm adding now!)
I sometimes get stuck on one combination for a particular piece of clothing.  I come up with a look I like, like the black moto jacket with skinnies and boots, and that's the only time the moto comes out of the closet.  So after getting some online inspiration, I made a subtle variation and suddenly, I have two outfits not one!  This could be expanded upon infinitely for sure.

Simple variation on a leopard theme

Here are my two looks.  In my eyes, the boots give it a edgier feel and the flats make it softer.  You can adjust according to your mood.  Somedays I just can't rock moto and boots!  I only made a couple of adjustments: Jacket zipped or unzipped; scarf untied or infinity looped (if you don't know how to make a long scarf work as an infinity scarf heres a how to on the fabulous CStyle Blog); boots or flats. 

So a question "Is this scarf too fluffy?"  I am considering taking a seam ripper and undoing all the gathering.  I can't decide.  Here's a close up of the scarf.  Let me know.

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