Monday, November 26, 2012

Unfinished Business

Happy to be back at the blog.  Kids went back to school today and I finally have time alone at the computer again.  It has been a super fun week of holiday and birthday; friends and family.  I did continue to work on my photography skills, managing somehow, to capture a pretty good shot of this woodpecker in our backyard.

Taken with NikonD5100 using 55-200mm lense, auto setting at about 10 paces away.
 I began getting ready for, gasp, Christmas, over the weekend.  In preparation for Little's birthday party I decorated up the front door and kitchen window.  I used a little "Pin"spiration and imagination.  This is a work in progress and I will post back with more on the outcome.
Halloween pumpkins begin transformation
Old Valentines day planters transforming as well
Spray paint extravaganza 
 I put up with pride my Santa from last year.  This was created using a project I found on, surprise, Pinterest (here).  Looking back there are probably much easier ways to accomplish this masterpiece, like my old favorite the overhead projector - do they still make those?  But I used mostly freehand work with the help of a grid.
I did mine on canvas not plywood and used silver paint and sharpie marker.
 I've had a lot of outfits I hoped to share but sadly was so rushed on those occasions that I put some "blog" thought into my appearance and didn't get camera shots.  I really don't fancy myself a fashion model at ALL but I think its fun to share what I do with my clothes because I get so much fun out of looking at other peoples choices!
I'm loving the layered blazer look lately.  Gives a plain shirt or sweater a lift.

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  1. Loving the layered blazer look too! Paired my new plaid blazer w a navy stripe shirt w a pink button down under for lots of layered texture and pop. Felt a bit like a preppy mess but rocked it w my skinny jeans and leopard printed flats to kindergarten. Your blog is inspiring me!

    1. You've always been a preppy mess! And a totally rocking one at that! Don't ever forget you had Ugg boots WAAY before they were TRENDY (circa 1990)!