Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gowns and Gals

When friends call, we answer.  Today the call was for a gown consultation.  Two gal pals have big EVENTS coming up, a dance at the CLUB and a family WEDDING weekend.  Outfits were needed, accessories to be determined, decisions, decisions, decisions.  

This is my friend Piper, showing off her gorgeous new bag after we all said "YES, that's a gorgeous new bag."  Major purchases often require affirmation and approval before we can bask in the glow.
 My friend Mimi, ready to model!
 We checked out a web site called Rent the Runway.  A well run site with an array of designer gowns for rent.  If I ever need black tie on the fly, I will be checking this out.  My friend Mary has used them with success several times.
Rent the Runway
 The party really got started in Mary's room.  Don't you love these pillows?  Mary lives in Arkansas, but her heart is still in Mississippi.
Let the fashion show begin!
 We all loved this dress immediately and just needed to agree on the necklace.  I'll let you be the judge.

 Mary needed a black tie dress for the wedding. Options one and two. And again which would you choose?  So stunning in both.

Mary's cocktail look for the rehearsal dinner.  Again the dress was a no-brainer. We all thought the boots were cool but too casual.  Love, love, love the jewels and shoes for the second option.
And lastly an outfit for the bridesmaid luncheon.  Now these boots work! Work it.  
 I couldn't finish up this post on gowns without a nod to my most favorite gal, my daughter.  Here in her "gown" for cotillion semi-formal night.  She's growing up tooooooo fast.  (sniff, sniff)

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