Thursday, November 8, 2012

on the FLOR

 didn't get dressed today.  Well, not in the sense of anything fashion worthy.  I had a crazy day Wednesday from breakfast meeting to lunch meeting to dinner meeting to dinner after the dinner meeting.  I think I had a pretty good day to evening look taking inspiration from a Pinterest outfit, but no time for photography.  Today I was looking for laid back, get dirty, get ready for the weekend wear.  Yup, the old standby Juicy Couture tracksuit exited the closet.  Success! I managed to mop the floors, have a lunch date with my hubby, finish my Flor project, and shoot some hoops with the littles.

I LOVE Flor.  It's an amazing product as far as I'm concerned.  About a million combinations can be created from their colorful, textural product.  Today I installed my second FLOR rug in the dining room.  It's so simple. First you unpack the FLOR tiles and FLOR dots (big round stickers).

This pattern is fairly new and its called Lasting Grateness.  It also comes in Black and White and a super striking Red and White.  This one is called Palm.  I LOVE it!!  Next you simply lay out the tiles and arrange them into the pattern you want.  I used an alternating orientation or 90 degree turn to create my pattern.  From there you follow the easy 1.2.3. instructions and voila, a lovely originalish decor piece.  I mean no two truly are the same!!


Oh and here's my Pinspiration for my Wednesday outfit.  I'm sure you have these pieces in your closet too.
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